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How much will it cost to keep ‘Beast Mode’?

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was the NFL's seventh-leading rusher in 2011. (AP)

Marshawn Lynch bulled his way to more than 1,200 yards and set Seahawks touchdown rushing records in 2011. Because of that, the guy nicknamed “Beast Mode” is due for a big pay day.

Will the Seahawks reward Lynch with a nice contract or will he land a better deal elsewhere?

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon joined “Bob and Groz” on Thursday and gave this perspective.

“I think the price tag has gone up, and if you were going to get something done, the best time would have been during the season,” Moon said.

“Once a guy gets in that free agent market and people start talking in his ears and throwing money at him, you can change people’s minds.”

Lynch told us after the last game he likes the direction the Seahawks are headed with a young, talented offensive line. That doesn’t necessarily mean Lynch is willing to give Seattle a hometown discount.

Looking at other elite running backs in the NFL, here are some of the dollar figures which include salaries and signing bonuses:

Adrian Peterson, $10,720,000

Steven Jackson, $7,200,000
Darren McFadden, $7,055,000
Michael Turner, $5,000,000
Maurice Jones-Drew, $4,050,000
Jamaal Charles, $3,350,000

Lynch was the league’s seventh-leading rusher in 2011.

Keith Myers of the Seahawks fan site offered a 5-year, $30 million contract proposal for Lynch and the team to consider.

Seattle should have some cash freed up assuming they turn loose quarterback Charlie Whitehurst and his $4 million salary. They have to address several free agents, including defensive end Red Bryant and linebacker David Hawthorne.

Lynch’s bruising, punishing running style concerns me. No doubt, Seahawks fans remember the team giving 29-year-young Shaun Alexander a long-term deal, then his productivity declined.

However, Lynch is just 25, and gives Seattle a physical running identity coach Pete Carroll is looking for. I say the Seahawks need to keep “Beast Mode” in the backfield.