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Will Seahawks’ new uniforms look more like Ducks’?

April 3 has been circled on the calendar for Seahawks fans. It’s the day we see whether the team is making a radical or minor uniform change.

There has been plenty of speculation after Nike took over the NFL uniform contract from Reebok. When you mention Nike, you immediately think about the outlandish outfits of the Oregon Ducks: feathers on the shoulder pads and mirrored helmets.

Back in May, Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin indicated he, coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider had a “fascinating session” with Nike. They looked at designs, new kinds of jerseys, and throwback uniforms.

Nike is supplying American athletes with the latest uniform technology for the London Olympics this summer. We should expect some of the high-tech fashion to rub off on the Seahawks threads. Maybe our players will wear lighter gear and run faster.

Some information we’ve been able to uncover indicates the new Seahawks helmets will be a bit darker with some feather trim. Silver is coming back slightly, but not the entire helmet.

Don’t expect any massive overhaul of the Seahawks logo, which was created in the 1976 season. The colors were a royal blue and forest green.

Coach Chuck Knox updated the uniforms in 1983 with striping on the jersey arms. Helmet face masks changed from silver to blue.

The hawk logo and the uniforms changed in 2002 when the team switched from the AFC to the NFC. The bird got a little more intense looking. Colors were modified to a “Seahawks blue and navy” with neon green piping.

We all remember the game in 2009 when the Seahawks wore the neon green tops. They lost to the Chicago Bears and haven’t worn them since.

One other interesting note: the Seahawks are the only NFL team to have never worn white uniforms at home.