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Seahawks unveil new Nike-designed uniforms

The Seahawks have a dramatically new look for the first time in a decade.

Nike, which took over for Reebok as the NFL’s supplier of on-field apparel, unveiled their new line of uniforms during a ceremony in New York City on Tuesday morning.

While Nike made only subtle tweaks to the other 31 teams’ uniforms, the Seahawks’ got a drastic makeover. Among the changes are a darker shade of blue, light green trim, feather designs and alternate grey jerseys and pants.

“College navy” replaces the lighter shade of blue on the old uniforms, which the team wore from 2002 until last season. The other colors are “action green” and “wolf grey.”

Feather-pattern designs inspired by Pacific Northwest coastal Indian artwork are found in the numbering, around the collar, on the helmet and on the pants. On both sides of the collar and pants are 12 feathers, a tribute to the 12th Man.

“The New Look of Intimidation features an aggressive combination of Seahawks tradition and Nike innovation,” according to the team’s website.

The alternate jerseys and pants can be worn either at home or on the road. With three different jerseys and pants, the Seahawks now have nine possible uniform combinations.

The team also tweaked its logo by changing the color behind the Seahawk head from light blue to all grey. The helmets, which are a darker blue to match the jerseys and pants, feature a first-of-its-kind combination of matte and gloss finish, with the feather design in the middle.

The new jerseys will go on sale April 26.