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Russell Okung runs with bulls in Spain

Seahawks lineman Russell Okung poses with his agent Peter Shaffer after running with the bulls in Spain. (Image via Peter Shaffer/Twitter)

By Josh Kerns

It’s definitely not the most conventional way to train during the offseason, but Seahawks standout Russell Okung certainly got a workout last week when he ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

The Seahawks can’t be very happy their franchise tackle took the risk, but the big man came out unscathed.

“Well, they didn’t really like it, but they told me to be safe and they trust me to make the best and right decisions. That’s why they picked me in the first place,” he told FOX Sports by phone Monday while eating at a sidewalk cafe in Barcelona. “We get caught up in the States, thinking that’s the whole world when it’s really not. There’s so much in this world, it’s amazing. There’s so much life to be lived. I figured why not?”

Okung says he managed to dodge a bull when it came his way and resisted the urge to touch it, to make sure he didn’t get injured.

He made the run along with his agent, Peter Schaffer. Now he says he’s ready to try cliff diving or perhaps hang gliding, much to Shaffer’s chagrin.

“Nothing gets better than the NFL, you know that. But it’s really an experience in itself,” Okung said. “Your heart’s beating, your adrenaline’s going. It’s kind of like a third-and-long with the game on the line. That’s exactly what it felt like.”