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Passion for psychology, counseling helping Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin through difficult year

Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin played through a series of injuries in 2018. (AP)

To say this season has been a struggle for Doug Baldwin would be an understatement. The Seahawks longest-tenured receiver – who called his own 2018 season “hell” – has missed three games and played with injuries to both knees, a hip injury, a groin pull and, more recently, a shoulder injury.

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Prior to Week 2 of this year, Baldwin had missed just two games – both in the 2012 season. But Baldwin has seen an increase in his reps as the season has progressed. His best game of the season came in Seattle’s 38-31 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 16 when he finished the night with 126 yards and a touchdown. Just one week before that, he had four catches for 77 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Baldwin, 30, joined 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny, Dave and Moore Wednesday to talk about this season’s trials and triumphs. He also talked about a passion outside of football: psychology.

“I think the most intriguing and interesting thing about psychology to me is how we manage our emotional trauma and how it projects out in a number of different facets,” said Baldwin, a Stanford graduate who plans to pursue an education in the field after football. “I’m a firm believer, I think everybody in the world should go to counseling, should go to a therapist. And that doesn’t mean that all therapists are good therapists, but I do think everybody in the world should go to some form of counseling. Especially men in the football league.

“We always have been taught that showing your emotions is a sign of weakness. And in terms of a healthy society, a healthy family, healthy relationships, that’s just unhealthy to not show your emotions and not be honest about how you’re feeling, in my opinion.”

Baldwin said he’s still working through the injuries that have held him back this season.

“I’m still dealing with (my injuries and limitations this year),” Baldwin said. “And to be honest with you, I don’t know how to deal with it. I’m finding a way every week. I’m not trying to make this dramatic or negative, it’s just been difficult. But really what it comes down to is I know my ‘why.’ I know why I play this game, I know why I go out here every day in practice and fight through these injuries, and I know what my ultimate goals are.”

What’s the ‘why’ for Baldwin?

“I play this game because I love my teammates,” Baldwin said. “I love what it brings to people. How it brings families together. How it brings people together. And that’s my why. So when I get up every morning I know (Tyler Lockett) is going to be there, (David Moore) is going to be there, Jaron Brown’s going to be there, and I get to spend that day, that time, with my guys that I love and care about.”

You can listen to Baldwin’s full interview with Danny, Dave and Moore embedded in this post or download the podcast at this link.

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