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Should Félix be the Mariners’ closer? Shannon Drayer weighs pros and cons

As anybody who has heard Jim Moore jump into one of Shannon Drayer’s live Mariners Insiders during an episode of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny, Dave and Moore can attest, Jim and Shannon don’t tend to see eye to eye when it comes to the Mariners.

And here’s an example.

Mariners Hot Stove Show, Dec. 14: Hour 1 | Hour 2

Jim is an advocate of the idea for the Mariners to use Félix Hernández as their closer in 2019, something he came across from a Lookout Landing article by Matthew Roberson. So when he had the chance to ask Shannon and James “Boy Howdy” Osborn some questions for a Mariners Mailbag video this week, you had to know that topic was coming.

Shannon’s response?

“I think you’re crazy, Jim.”

Lucky for us, Shannon didn’t leave it there. Here are her full thoughts on the possibility of Seattle moving a 32-year-old (going on 33) one-time Cy Young Award winner to the back end of the bullpen on a permanent basis in 2019.

Mariners’ stadium changing from Safeco Field to T-Mobile Park

The Pro

• “Actually, if you’re ever going to do it, this year would be a good time to do it. Why the heck not?”

And the Cons

• “When’s his biggest problem? It’s the first inning. I think another thing, he’s never done anything like that before. It’s a big adjustment.”

• “… I’m a little concerned, I think there’s an assumption that if they did that, you would see his velocity go up – like more than a mile per hour. I don’t think we’re gonna see that. So I don’t see that he would have closer stuff just because it’s one inning.”

• “I don’t think he can pitch two days out of five. Certainly can’t pitch three days out five.”

So who should close for the 2019 M’s?

• “You should at that point be giving the ball to guys that might not necessarily be your closer of the future but do have the potential to be an eighth inning guy or a leverage guy.”

Those comments are just a little piece of what Shannon and Howdy answer in the latest Mariners offseason video podcast, which includes questions about Kyle Seager, the starting rotation and much more from several 710 hosts including Danny O’Neil, Bob Stelton and Mike Salk. You watch the full video embedded in this post or download in an audio-only format at this link.

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