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Seahawks T George Fant surprised, but grateful, for first career catch

Seahawks Tackle George Fant recorded his first career catch in Week 14. (AP)

Seahawks fans had been waiting through 54 quarters of football for the pass play that came in the second half of Seattle’s win over Vikings on Monday night. Perhaps no one, though, was more surprised than the pass-catcher himself.

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“Oh yeah I was surprised for sure,” Seahawks tackle George Fant told reporters after the game. “But man, I was happy they did it.”

The Seahawks have found a creative use for Fant this season. The 6-feet-6, 322-pound tackle has played almost 25 percent of offensive snaps, primarily as an eligible receiver, making him a tight end/tackle hybrid. The move gives Seattle an extra lineman and further illustrates their emphasis on the run game.

Fant hadn’t actually been used as a target – until Monday.

Just over one minute into the third quarter, Fant hauled in a short pass from quarterback Russell Wilson and picked up nine yards before being tripped up just short of the first-down marker. His first career catch drew one of the louder cheers from the crowd.

“I was like, ‘I’m gonna make a play.’” Fant said. “I got out and I saw nobody came out with me right away. So I was like, ‘OK, at least let me try to get this first down,’ so that was my initial plan right away. Turf monster got me a little bit, but that’s alright.”

Head coach Pete Carroll said the target was a bit of a reward for Fant’s workload as an eligible receiver.

“That’s one of the reasons, yeah,” Carroll said. “He’s been playing a lot of snaps but hasn’t had any passes thrown to him. So, it’s good that they know that he can catch it.”

It was an exciting moment for Fant – and for the Seahawks’ bench, which erupted after the catch – but Fant isn’t expecting many targets as the Seahawks look to clinch a playoff berth in San Francisco next week.

“I’m just happy they’re giving me the snaps,” he said. “I’ve just been working really hard… and I appreciate it. I’m gonna keep working hard and we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing.”

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