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Thank you, Baltimore Orioles

By Gary Hill

83137I have really enjoyed watching the Seattle Mariners play the Orioles this year. The M’s are only 1-3 against Baltimore this season, but my excitement has nothing to do with actual baseball being played.

I have been shouting to no one in particular for years that Baltimore needs to bring back the Cartoon Bird. They have answered my wish. The Cartoon Bird has taken its rightful place as the primarily logo for the O’s. When you watch the Orioles play you will see the glorious white-paneled, orange-brimmed hat with the jovial bird beaming on the front.

I applaud the Orioles for making the switch and watching them play last night reminded me of the five other uniform changes that need to happen right now.

831315. St. Louis needs to go Baby Blue on the road

The St. Louis Cardinals wore the powder blues from 1976-1984 and they were not alone. The Mariners, Twins, Brewers, Blue Jays, Royals, Rangers, Expos and Phillies all donned the baby blue at times during the 1970s and 80s.

I would be thrilled if any of those teams were to reintroduce the road blue on a permanent basis, but the Cardinals would be most welcome.

The Cards did wear the “Victory Blue” on Sunday as they celebrated their 1982 World Series Championship. They beat Milwaukee 3-0 as Jason Motte came in for his 24th save of the season. The closer in ’82 was Bruce Sutter and he slammed the door an NL-high 36 times. They are indistinguishable side-by-side in baby blue.


831324. The Padres need to embrace the brown

I will grant you that Rollie Fingers can make any uniform look good, but these are tough to beat.

The Padres have been grasping at the right uniform colors and logos for years. They need to simply go back to the colors that Kurt Bevacqua was wearing when he smashed two World Series homers against the Tigers.

Here is my other piece of advice: Combine the classic colors with the Swinging Friar logo to form the perfect combination.


831333. Bring back The Box

The 1970s were very good to the Pittsburgh Pirates. They entered the postseason six times in the decade and won the World Series twice. Most importantly, they did it in style with various combinations of gold tops, gold pants, black pants, uniforms with broad gold pinstripes, and yellow and black pillbox hats.

This switch is a no-brainer. It was a great look for Willie Stargell and the Pirates have not won a World Series since moving away from their unique style.

Coincidence? Clearly not.


831342. Why did the Brewers ever change their logo?

The Milwaukee Brewers had the best logo in all of sports. The letter M and the letter B cleverly forming a mitt. It is simple and sensational.

The Brewers have only reached the World Series one time and it was with their classic logo fixed on the front of their caps. Do they need to go back to it to reach the World Series again? I am not sure, but I would not take any chances.

It probably would not hurt them to bring back the white home jerseys with blue pinstripes, either.


831381. Houston: the home of rainbows

The Houston Astros’ Rainbow jerseys from 1975-1979 were a truly glorious invention. Their lifespan was short, but their impact has been enormous and long-lasting.

The Astros have worn them this season from time to time, but it has not been enough. At the very least, they should make you think of Cesar Cedeno, J.R. Richard and the “let them play” scene from Bad News Bears II — and that should be reason enough to welcome the Rainbows back full-time.