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Video: Seattle crowd rains boos on WWE wrestler after Sonics diss

A WWE wrestler got an earful in Seattle after taking a dig at the Sonics. (AP)

It has been 10 years since the NBA’s Sonics were ripped out of Seattle and moved to Oklahoma City, so if you’re not from the area, you wouldn’t be out of line to think maybe the city has gotten over it.

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You’d be wrong, of course, just like WWE wrestler Elias learned on Monday night.

In a segment with fellow wrestler Kevin Owens during a taping of WWE Raw at Seattle’s KeyArena on Monday night, the guitar-wielding Elias decided to take a low blow at the city’s void of pro basketball. It… didn’t go over well.

That’s right – the Seattle crowd let Elias and Owens have it for the remainder of the segment after Elias quipped that having a basketball team in Seattle doesn’t make sense. As we all know, the Sonics’ move is still a sore spot here, which the crowd made abundantly clear. Or maybe the crowd was reacting to Elias overlooking the presence of the three-time WNBA champion Seattle Storm, which is very much a basketball team in Seattle.

Coincidentally enough, the NBA is primed to make its return in a matter of days in the last scheduled event at KeyArena before it undergoes renovations, part of a push to bring men’s pro basketball (and pro hockey) back to Seattle. That Friday game will see former Sonics star Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors play the Sacramento Kings in a preseason game – just another example of Elias’ statement being off-base.

Weird. It’s almost like he was trying to get booed or something.

Here’s a full video of the WWE Raw segment that includes Seattle’s prolonged jeer of Elias and Owens. The offending comment starts at the 1:15 mark. Stick around for Elias doubling down by bringing up Oklahoma City at the 2:10 mark.