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Spotlight: Seahawks’ Tre Flowers credits Brandon Marshall for help in transition to CB

Seahawks' Tre Flowers on covering Brandon Marshall: "He was probably happier than I was." (AP)

It’s not unusual for wideouts and defensive backs to talk to one another during a play.

In fact, it’s to be expected given the fact that the only players who tend to be more talkative than NFL wide receivers are the corners assigned to covering them.

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What made Brandon Marshall’s conversation with Tre Flowers unusual during Seattle’s practice on Monday was that Marshall was congratulating Seattle’s rookie, not challenging him.

“We always talk about squeezing,” Flowers said. “Just staying on top and squeezing routes. Just trust my eyes and my feet, and I did it on him for the first time. He was probably happier than I was.”

A wide receiver congratulating a cornerback on shutting him down? That’s unusual and part of the reason Flowers and Marshall have become the most intriguing pair in Seahawks’ training camp. A six-time Pro Bowl receiver and the rookie who’s playing cornerback for the first time since high school.

“I barely played it in high school to tell you the truth,” Flowers said. “Maybe once or twice.”

Flowers played safety at Oklahoma State, and the fifth-round draft pick’s transition to cornerback so far has been one of the biggest bright spots for Seattle this month.

And Marshall is playing a significant role in that, staying after practice to work with Flowers on the field or leading Flowers into the indoor practice facility to work on a new technique during lunch.

“I’m very fortunate for him to be here and for him to take me under his wing,” Flowers said. “A lot of vets probably wouldn’t be as classy as him.”

Or have as much experience. Marshall is entering his 14th year in the NFL and as a Pro Bowl mainstay was a popular choice for Flowers to use in video games.

“I used to play with him on Madden,” Marshall said. “I told him that my first day. And him to take the time out is just amazing.”

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