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12 Most Intriguing Seahawks: No. 1, QB Russell Wilson

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson enters 2018 with new OC Brian Schottenheimer. (AP)

Mike Salk and Brock Huard counted down the 12 most intriguing Seahawks players each weekday morning leading up to the first day of training camp.

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The pair concluded the countdown Thursday morning by focusing on their No. 1 pick: Quarterback Russell Wilson.

At a glance

Russell Wilson is one of just a handful of Seahawks players remaining from Seattle’s Super Bowl XLVIII-winning roster. The franchise quarterback is entering his seventh year as a pro, but will do so for the first time without offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Seattle parted ways with its longtime OC this offseason, hiring Brian Schottenheimer in his place.

It remains to be seen the effect Schottenheimer will have on Wilson’s game. But with the departure of several Pro Bowl veterans on both sides of the ball, Seattle will need an MVP-caliber year from their signal caller. Will he deliver? There’s certainly promise. Wilson has been one of the top quarterbacks in the league year in and year out. He finished his 2017 season with nearly 4,000 yards (3,983) and a career-high 34 touchdowns.

Brock’s take

“The most intriguing thing for me with Russell Wilson this year is the new-ness. The new-ness of one voice. That everything he knew for six years with Tom Cable and Darrell Bevell in this system that was clearly defined is not anymore. Go look through a lot of the (great quarterbacks in the NFL today). Aaron Rodgers, same system, largely the same voice his entire career. Tom Brady, same system, coordinator has changed a little bit, but it’s the same scheme for the majority and almost entirety of his whole career. Drew Brees has had Sean Payton as his career has exploded. Big Ben (Roethlisberger), couple different coordinators, same organization, same philosophy, very similar systems that he has played in for the majority of his career. Matt Ryan, as well. So now you’re gonna add for Russell a little bit of a change. A little bit of ‘We’re not just gonna be a zone-read, we’re not gonna be an outside-zone team. We’re gonna do a lot more.’ I think he’s capable. I think he’s thrilled and excited. I know I am. I am intrigued to see him in a new system for the first time as a Seahawk.”

Salk’s take

“Why is he intriguing to me? He’s the best player on this team. Plain and simple. Russell Wilson is the best player on this team and is being asked to win with less around him. He’s the guy whose contract is going to be the biggest storyline I believe in Seattle sports history when we start talking about this next year. It is going to be that big and that explosive, and there’s a lot of questions. Is he good enough to keep a depleted roster at playoff-level? We’re gonna find out this year. Is Russell alone able to keep games close until the end and then just do his Russell thing late to win games? He’s gonna have to. Is he happy enough with what’s going on around here and what they’re building to want to stay in Seattle long-term, or at the end of this year does he say ‘I don’t really like the direction we’re going in, it’s time for me to leave’? These are the intriguing questions around Russell Wilson and it’s why he’s No. 1 on my list for me this year – not to mention he’s still the most entertaining guy on the field to watch for me.”

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