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Ryon Healy’s guide to the characters in the Mariners’ dugout

Ryon Healy shared his thoughts on Mariners "Gatorade man" Guillermo Heredia. (AP)

One thing that has become evident about the Mariners this season is how much fun they have been having while winning games at a .638 clip (entering Friday).

Just how clutch have the Mariners’ top hitters been?

With first baseman Ryon Healy, one of the more conversational members of the team, joining Danny, Dave and Moore for an interview on Thursday, the guys asked for his help in breaking down the characters in the dugout. Here’s what he had to say:

The loudest

“In the dugout, I’m gonna say Nelson Cruz is probably the loudest. But he is by far the funniest and just keeps everybody loose. … He’s such a presence that you miss (if he’s injured). Whether he’s hitting two homers a game or not, he’s such a physical presence in this clubhouse and in this dugout.”

The bro-mance

“(Cruz) and (Kyle) Seager have a really fun dynamic the way that they go back and forth. They’ll chirp at umpires, opposing teams, whatever it is and kinda keep the dugout loose. … Heredia and Segura have some really funny stuff, too.”

The legend

“Ichiro also has a personal handshake with every single person on the team, including coaching staff – mimicking or mocking them in some sort of way. He definitely sets the tone every single game of keeping the vibe loose and keeping the dugout where it needs to be.”

The one you have to watch out for

“Heredia has been the Gatorade man as of late. I think if you re-watch the highlight of (Mitch Haniger’s walk-off home run Wednesday night) … you see everyone’s head turn and you see Heredia huck the entire Gatorade tub over every single person. I think Mitch might be the one person that didn’t get Gatorade on him because the rest were soaking wet.”

You can hear Healy’s entire interview in this podcast of Danny, Dave and Moore’s Thursday show, which includes his pitch for Haniger to make the American League All-Star team in his second full year in the majors.

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