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Where in the world is Robinson Canó? ‘Not very far away’

While Robinson Canó is suspended, the Mariners star is also rehabbing a broken pinkie. (AP)

It’s been over three weeks since Robinson Canó has been heard from. So just where is the suspended Mariners star?

“He’s not very far away,” Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto told Danny, Dave and Moore (hear the full segment here).

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Yes, in fact, Canó is at Safeco Field “most days” – mainly to rehab the broken right pinkie he suffered two days before his suspension came down from the MLB on May 15.

“He’ll come in in the morning and get his rehab in,” Dipoto said. “I saw Robinson on Monday morning, and he looks like Robbie. … He’ll be prepared to come back when it’s his time. He started throwing (Wednesday) and should start hitting next week.”

While there are restrictions for when and how long Canó can be at the ballpark on game days, he’s still finding ways to be around the club and remain a member of the team.

“Much of the time when the club is at home, Robinson does come in to get his PT (physical therapy),” Dipoto said. “He’ll spend some time in the cages just talking and spending time with his teammates while Ichiro’s in there, so it’s a collective of something in the neighborhood of 7,000 career hits running around in our batting cage in a given moment at a home game.

“He’s doing well and he’s staying connected to the team. They haven’t forgotten that Robinson’s part of it.”

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