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Introducing Bark: Jim Moore’s new podcast all about dogs

This is Jim Moore's dog River, back when he was a puppy. (Jim Moore photo)

For the past several months, I’ve been working with Aaron Mason at 710 ESPN Seattle on a podcast called Bark. It’s all about dogs, and it’s now available through iTunes or Apple Podcasts as they’re known now (link here). You can also find Bark on the podcast page here at

If you listen to Danny, Dave and Moore, you probably know how much I like dogs. During interviews I’ll frequently ask athletes and coaches if they have a dog. And I talk quite a bit about my own dog, River, who is currently sitting in the backseat of my Honda Ridgeline with a cone around his head. He was neutered last Friday.

My boss, Dave Pridemore, likes dogs too. Bark was his idea. We’ll see if it works or not. We’ve decided that we’re going to have drinks either way – if Bark is successful, we’ll toast our good fortune. If Bark fizzles, we’ll still have drinks and laugh about it anyway. Dave has been very supportive and was the one who took a chance on a newspaper guy in the radio business. If it sounds like I’m sucking up to him, I am, and rightfully so. I would not have gone from the Post-Intelligencer to 710 ESPN Seattle without Dave giving me a shot.

In typical me fashion, I sort of self-consciously ramble and stumble my way through these six Bark episodes, but I had fun doing all of them. They’re 20 to 25 minutes long.

If you’re a Seahawks’ fan, you might like hearing from fellow 12s who named their dogs after Seahawks players. If you’re afraid of pit bulls, you might want to listen to the episode I did with Danny Shelton, pit bull owner and New England defensive tackle, who talks about misperceptions with the breed. In another episode, I really enjoyed talking to Gary Carlson, a dermatologist in L.A. and Oregon State grad, who donated $50 million to the Oregon State Veterinary Medicine School because of his love of dogs.

The episode that meant the most to me, though, is the one about blind dogs, and in particular the disease that caused my last dog, Willie, to lose his eyesight. I talked to A.J. Marlar from Northwest Animal Eye Specialists in Renton about pigmentary uveitis in golden retrievers. It’s an ugly and little-known disease that is treatable if caught early enough. By the time we found out about it with Willie, it was too late.

I know there are all kinds of podcasts out there and your time is limited. So I greatly appreciate it if you take the time to listen to an episode or all six episodes of Bark. I’m hoping there’s enough interest to warrant doing a seventh episode of Bark and in time, many more than that.

I hesitated to even write this post because I have a hard time with the look-at-me-and-what-I’m-doing world we live in. But I’m making an exception for “Bark” because I’d like to see this sucker work out. Thanks for your support.