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Mariners’ James Paxton praises teammates after ‘surreal’ no-hitter

After his brilliant no-hitter, Mariners' lefty James Paxton couldn't stop crediting his teammates. (AP)

James Paxton’s no-hitter was a surreal moment for the Mariners’ lefty – not just because it was his first shutout and just the sixth no-hitter in franchise history, but because the memorable moment came in his home country of Canada.

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“I think I noticed it in the sixth inning, seventh inning that they still had no hits and this thing was really starting to get deep in the game,” Paxton told 710 ESPN Seattle’s Brock and Salk in an interview Wednesday morning (listen here). “And I think at some point I had a quick thought to myself about, ‘Wow, how cool to be doing this in Canada.'”

Paxton told Brock and Salk he’s still in shock after last night’s performance during Seattle’s 5-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

“In the moment it was just so surreal. It was almost like I was dreaming; it’s pretty crazy.”

There were some hard hits that were saved by teammates. The biggest threat to Paxton’s no-hitter came in the seventh inning, when – after two outs – Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar hit a hard ground ball that nearly gave Toronto some life. But third baseman Kyle Seager leaped to field it, sprang up and threw to first, where Ryon Healy took the throw off a hop to just beat Pillar and bring the inning to a close.

“Honestly, (my mind) was blank when the ball was hit and I was just watching,” Paxton said of Seager’s save. “And to see him dive down that line and no-look that throw, I was almost in shock. I think probably there was multiple people that were in shock that he made that play. And it was so funny, he ran by me after that and said, ‘You’re welcome.’ That’s just true Kyle Seager humor. And to be just himself in a moment like that was just awesome.”

Outfielders Dee Gordon and Ben Gamel also made impressive plays to seal the win for the Mariners and secure the no-hitter for Paxton.

“I recognized how hard my teammates were playing for me out there and I just wanted to go out there and give it everything I had, because I knew that they were doing the same thing for me,” Paxton said. “And they deserved my best effort right there. So I went out there and emptied the tank and left it all out there, and it ended up happening for us.

“Last night’s a credit to them as much as me.”

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