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Seahawks’ Rice calls Harvin quiet, hard worker


By Brent Stecker

New Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin is known just as much for his attitude as his flashy play-making ability on the field.

But if you ask fellow Seattle receiver Sidney Rice, who played with Harvin for two seasons in Minnesota, you’ll find out Harvin’s reputation as being hard to deal may not be fair to the four-year veteran.

“He really stays to himself,” Rice told Bob Stelton and Craig Terrill on “Bob and Groz” Friday. “(He is) a real hard worker, always in the weight room. I think he’s a good guy, and we brought him in for the right reasons, and that’s to help this team win a championship.”

As someone who has lined up on the same line of scrimmage as Harvin before, Rice isn’t shy about praising his talents.

“He’s one of the most exciting players in the game right now, and one of the most dynamic,” Rice said. “He can go at the running back position, make things happen at the slot, at the outside. (If you) put the ball in his hands and he has a chance to make a move, he’s going to make something special happen with the ball. It’s a great addition for us on this team.”

Harvin’s acquisition — as well as the signings of defensive ends Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett — certainly makes the Seahawks a favorite for a division, conference or even NFL title.

“It’s huge,” Rice said of the Seahawks’ moves during the first week of free-agency. “I was actually just at luinch with (defensive backs) Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Brandon Browner, and we were talking about the same thing. They’re just excited. You bring those caliber guys in, and the expectation rose even higher.

“Our main goal to start off the season is to own the NFC West. If you win that, obviously you get the games at home, and we’re great at home. The expectation is there, and you know what comes after that.”