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Arrests are becoming a problem in the NFL

By staff

The list of headlines in the NFL section on provides an unflattering snapshot.

Five of the 10 stories are related to the murder case against former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. One of the 10 references a Colts safety arrested on gun charges. Another states that a recently-released Browns linebacker pleaded not guilty to charges that include attempted murder.

The recent spate of arrests involving NFL players was among the topics discussed when Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network joined “Bob and Groz” on Monday. Jeremiah said the number of arrests involving NFL players from the end of the season to July 1 – he believed it was 27 – matches up with averages from the last seven offseasons. He also put the number of NFL arrests in perspective.

“I think when you look at society as a whole, the percentage of NFL players getting in trouble is going to be better than what we have in a regular population,” Jeremiah said.

Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby think it’s still a problem. They explain why in the video below.

You can listen to Monday’s show here.