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49ers’ last Super Bowl shot wasn’t pass interference

By Josh Kerns

Despite Jim Harbaugh’s histrionics and desperate pleading, 710 ESPN’s Brock Huard and Mike Salk agree the referees made the right decision in not calling pass interference on the 49ers’ final shot in the Super Bowl.

Harbaugh insisted Baltimore cornerback Jimmy Smith held receiver Michael Crabtree as quarterback Colin Kaepernick heaved a last ditch effort over the back corner of the endzone.

But Brock and Salk both say in today’s video that unless there is incontrovertible evidence or a flagrant foul that clearly impacted the play, the referee should be deciding the final outcome of the game. And both agree while there was some contact, it was far from egregious.

Brock and Salk were also critical of both the play call and the execution. Salk says the whole play looked “desperate” and argues Kaepernick should have called time out, while Brock criticizes Crabtree for running straight to the corner without making any kind of juke or other move to shake Smith.