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Wilson deserves some of Kaepernick’s accolades

By Brent Stecker

The rivalry between the Seahawks and 49ers can certainly be labeled bitter, and the competition is no more fierce than at quarterback.

Seattle’s Russell Wilson and San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick’s rivalry picked up steam over the season, as Wilson improved in each game to lead the Seahawks to the playoffs — and over the 49ers in the second and final of their regular-season clashes — and Kaepernick took over the 49ers’ offense at midseason en route to a Super Bowl appearance.

One would think they’re on an even playing field, but the offseason accolades have seemed to tilt in Kaepernick’s favor. First he was slotted at No. 11 on Ron Jaworski’s quarterback rankings, one spot ahead of Wilson. Then on Wednesday night he edged Wilson for the ESPY’s Best Breakout Athlete award.

As Danny O’Neil of “Brock and Danny” explains in the video below, the perceived slights of Wilson may not amount to much when the NFL season starts, but he deserves more credit than he’s been given this offseason from the national media.