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Schefter: Seahawks ‘remaking the roster’ with big personnel changes

Could the Seahawks be parting ways with seven-year veteran CB Richard Sherman? (AP)

The Seahawks famed defense could look quite different in 2018.

Rumors began swirling Wednesday afternoon, prompted by a cryptic tweet from cornerback Jeremy Lane, that the team may have decided to part ways with cornerback Richard Sherman. Less than an hour later, several outlets reported Seattle traded Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Bennett to the Eagles.

Report: Richard Sherman telling teammates ‘goodbye’

ESPN’s Adam Schefter hopped on 710 ESPN Seattle to talk about the rumors with Tom Wassell and Bob Stelton. He confirmed the trade of Bennett and offered details about what Seattle received in return. Schefter said contract talks were likely ongoing for defensive backs Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, but was clear about one thing: the Seahawks are clearly rebuilding their roster, and big changes are to be expected.

“I expect that they’ll continue to listen and continue to do what’s best for the team (regarding Thomas’ future), whatever that is,” Schefter said. “So if they can find an offer that makes sense, I think that – look, you see what’s going on here, don’t you? They’re remaking the roster. They just are. And they’re going to do what they think is best. They remade the coaching staff, there were a lot of changes there, and the changes among the personnel, the players, have begun.”

Schefter said conversations are ongoing between the Seahawks and Sherman, who is acting as his own agent this offseason. But right now, no final decision has been made regarding Sherman’s future in Seattle.

“You’ve got a player coming off a torn Achilles who’s scheduled to make $13 million,” Schefter said. “Obviously they don’t seem willing to pay him that. He’s repping himself and obviously he’s got an idea of what he’d like to do. So I think when his teammates tweet out things and his mother tweets out … I think that we can see where this is all headed (and) where he thinks it’s headed. It’s not there yet. They’re still discussing it. He has to be healthy to be released. So again, it is absolutely trending that direction by all accounts, but it is not yet done.

“Again, he has been talking to the team. He’s going to continue talking with the team. The team has not made a move with him yet. I don’t think at this point it would surprise anybody if the team did make a move. But I’ll also tell you that these things are ongoing situations, and sometimes people are going to take jobs and they don’t. Sometimes players think they’re going to take certain contracts and they don’t. And obviously this is a situation that they’re trying to resolve and work out, and right now if they can’t, then he’ll be released.”

Michael Bennett traded to the Eagles

Schefter confirmed the Seahawks traded three-time Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Bennett and a seventh-round pick to the Eagles for a fifth-round pick and wide receiver Marcus Johnson.

“(The Seahawks) improve their draft position and also get back a wide receiver that I think provides some insurance in the event that Paul Richardson is not signed back in Seattle … and again, the offseason is a series of moves and a puzzle that is all put together, right? This is one move. I’m not telling you that they’re absolutely going to lose Paul Richardson, or that Marcus Johnson is the replacement for Paul Richardson, but they know the possibility exists that they’re going to lose Richardson.”

Listen to Schefter’s entire conversation with 710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob, Groz and Tom.