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Raul Ibanez returns

By Shannon Drayer

The Mariners have confirmed that they have signed Raul Ibanez to a one-year contract. Ibanez had been talking with the Yankees and Phillies as well but in the end it appears that the pull of home – yes, he still owns a home here and has had plans to return after retiring – has brought him back.

Some quick thoughts as I am at a Huskies basketball game with just 2 minutes to go:

First and foremost, look at this move in relation to a roster that is still in progress. I doubt this will be the final move. That said, something has got to give. As it stands I don’t see a way that Ibanez, Jason Bay, Casper Wells, and Justin Smoak can all be on the same roster and still allow for a third catcher, something that will be necessary if Jesus Montero and John Jaso are to get a good number of at bats at DH. A 40-man roster move will need to be made as well.

We will get into this as soon as I have more time.

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