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‘The HUSTLE from RUSSELL’ and other fictional Russell Wilson home run calls

Russell Wilson has been traded from the Texas Rangers to the New York Yankees. (AP)
LISTEN: 'The HUSTLE from RUSSELL' and other fictional Russell Wilson home run calls

After Russell Wilson was traded to the New York Yankees yesterday, Brock and Salk imagined what it might sound like were the star Seahawks quarterback to hit one out of the park for his new team.

Here’s Mike Salk’s John-Sterling-esque call of an imaginary Russell Wilson home run for the Trenton Thunder, the Yankees’ Double-A affiliate.

Alright as we continue on here, bottom of the ninth. One-one count to Russell Wilson. Thunder down one-nothing after the early error from Russell. He had a real tough night early. Couple of errors. One leading to the run as we mentioned. Couple of strikeouts. A mental mistake at second base. But heated up later in this game. Tripled in his last at bat but stranded at third base. Not a lot of help from his teammates unfortunately tonight.

“You are talking a lot,” Brock Huard interjected.

Here comes the one-one. And it is hit. Hit hard. A high, towering, somewhat confusing fly ball to right center field. Aaaand the fielders collide. That ball is gonna get down. It is off the wall and bouncing away from both of them. Russell rounding second base. Russell digging hard in for third. Here comes Russell around third. There’s gonna be a play at the plate. And it is going to be NOT IN TIME! He is safe! That is an inside-the-park home run for the Thunder’s Russell Wilson. It is the HUSTLE from RUSSELL. A daring race around the bases. And he is a walk-off winner with an inside-the-park home run. Thunder win it two to one.

“He had some trouble early in the game. He turned it around late,” Salk added.

“You painted that picture beautifully,” Huard said.

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