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Richard Sherman’s future in Seattle

Richard Sherman played with the Seahawks for seven seasons. (AP)

With an estimated $14 million in cap space for 2018, the Seahawks have more than a few tough decisions to make this offseason. Unfortunately, for fans and players alike, several decorated and beloved veterans could find themselves on another roster come training camp. Every day, 710 ESPN Seattle’s Brock Huard and Mike Salk will take a deep dive into the situation surrounding these veteran players, and today, they looked at All Pro cornerback Richard Sherman.

The Seahawks’ highest-graded player from PFF

“I think this is one of the easiest decisions they’ll make,” Mike Salk said. “As complicated as it is with Kam Chancellor, as difficult as it might be to end up parting ways with Michael Bennett, I just think they’re going to keep Richard Sherman because there’s no real upside in not doing so.”

Sherman, 29, signed a four-year, $56 million contract with the Seahawks in 2014, and will be entering the final year of his deal this season. While Sherman and the organization were open about trade talks last summer, that conversation came to a close by training camp. Through nine games in 2017, Sherman recorded two interceptions and 25 tackles, before suffering a season-ending Achilles injury in Week 10.

Brock Huard argued that a devastating injury, like the one suffered by Sherman, can muddy the waters when it comes to offseason trade talks.

“As awful as it was for Richard Sherman to have the injury there this year and to lose half the season, if there is any glass half full, at least for the organization, it’s that I don’t think he’s going to be commanding a new deal or holding out,” Huard said. “He knows that he’s got to get back and get on the field to play. He knows, ‘I’ve got to go out there and prove to myself, physically, that these nagging injuries that I’ve had (aren’t holding me back).’  That he’s got to get his legs back underneath him to make one more charge for his mega deal.

“It’s not what players want … but I think in some ways, Richard’s got to be a little bit resigned that, ‘I’ve got to get back on the field and prove that I can be healthy and play.'”

Listen to the full discussion on Sherman’s future here.

Brock and Salk also took a look at the contract situation (and potential moves) surrounding safety Kam Chancellor and defensive end Michael Bennett.