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Practicality should rule for Seahawks in deciding if they’ll trade Earl Thomas

The Seahawks could get a jump on rebuilding by trading All-Pro safety Earl Thomas. (AP)

It is really easy to look at our station poll and ask how the majority of people want the Seahawks to keep Earl Thomas. Have they learned nothing from Felix Hernandez, Kam Chancellor and others who signed deals in their prime that looked bad just a few seasons later?

O’Neil: Hawks won’t be better trading Earl, but they might have to

I asked that question myself because the idea of the Seahawks trading Earl feels somewhat obvious to me. I would do it if I was John Schneider. I would try to maximize the value back, avoid a messy holdout, and get a jump start on the rebuild that started this offseason.

I think Schneider should (and will) do exactly that.

I may be a little jaded – at least that’s what people tell me. Personally, I think it’s just practical, but for many fans those two words are synonymous.

Practicality rules the day for me, but I’m not sure I think all fans should ever get to that point. Yes, I think it is in the best interest of the team to make a difficult decision that would keep them competitive longer and make their next championship that much closer to reality. I also know, however, that fans get attached to players and don’t have to necessarily be ready to support anything that ships that player out of town.

I guess this might be one of those times where the interest of fans just isn’t in line with the best interest of a front office. The front office is right because its job is to win. The fans are also right because their job can be to fall in love and stay loyal to their favorites.

So I don’t expect those 49 percent of fans to change their tune and support an Earl Thomas trade overnight. But I do hope they start preparing themselves for that possibility, because it seems increasingly likely.

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