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Eric Wedge on the WBC brawl

By Shannon Drayer

All of MLB held their breath no doubt when the fight between Mexico and Canada broke out Saturday night in the WBC. Reliever Oliver Perez was right in the middle of things and eventually was thrown out of the game. Michael Saunders was on the field during the brawl as well but did not do anything that warranted being tossed.

On the pregame show Sunday, manager Eric Wedge said he was relieved to see that everyone was okay.

“Scary situation and they were right there in the middle of it,” he told Rick Rizzs. “I give them credit, they were out there defending their teammates and doing their thing but I don’t think anybody got hurt. It got a little crazy, not just with the teams but the fans, too, But hey, they’re out there, they’re competing, they are fighting for a championship and sometimes those competitive juices get the best of you.”

Perez is back in camp after pitching to just one batter in the tournament. Saunders is still with team Canada, where he easily has been the MVP so far for that team while going 7 for 8 with 7 RBIs through one at-bat in Sunday’s game.

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