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Vote: Is running back or O-line Seahawks’ biggest need in NFL Draft?

Jim Moore wouldn't mind the Seahawks trying Mike Davis as their No. 1 running back. (AP)
LISTEN: Should the Seahawks draft offensive line or running back?

A spirited debate broke out on 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny, Dave and Moore on Thursday afternoon. The topic: whether the Seahawks’ biggest need in the upcoming NFL Draft will be at running back or on the offensive line.

Dave Wyman and Jim Moore found themselves on opposing sides, and both had their points.

Which Seahawks position group will change most in 2018?

First up, here’s what Wyman had to say about why he sees running back as the team’s No. 1 priority.

“It’s totally running back. … Maybe you don’t burn a first-rounder on that but I would like see them try to get a couple of guys. That’s the one position, what do you have there? You have C.J. Prosise, who is totally injury prone. You’ve got Chris Carson, who I love but he’s coming off an injury, we’ll see if he’s able to come back from that. You got J.D. McKissic, Mike Davis, who are great but I’m not so sure (they’re starting running backs).” (Editor’s note: Wyman didn’t get to Thomas Rawls before the conversation moved along.)

Moore took over from there, and he shared why he would rather see the Seahawks add to the offensive line early in the draft.

“You need one stud running back, right? So you’ve got some candidates there. I’m looking at the offensive line, you’ve got three starting positions that are open right now – left guard, right guard and right tackle. Some of the candidates you already have (at running back), even if you don’t draft a running back, maybe one of those guys will work out next year. I’d even be OK with Mike Davis for the whole year and see how he does. I like the effort, I like his running style. I think you’d be OK, especially with the new offensive line coach (Mike Solari) coming in, maybe he can make a difference. I just think you need more offensive linemen who are decent.”

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