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A welcome change for Felix

By Shannon Drayer

A great pitching match up coming up later today in the Bronx as two Cy Young Award winners will get to work in Yankee Stadium. A Fifi vs. CC marquee matchup no doubt.

While Felix always enjoys pitching in New York, it’s hard to imagine that he enjoyed the media onslaught that he faced each time in the visitors’ clubhouse in recent years. The hordes of New York and national media that would gather around his locker were not there to talk about his pitching. No, they were there to ask why the heck he was still with the Mariners and when he intended to leave.

Felix handled that situation well and in my mind convincingly enough. Others did not want to believe it and pressed on at each opportunity. I think everyone finally understood once he signed the contract and held the emotional press conference this spring at Safeco Field.

I expect the scene to be different this year and jokingly speculated on the postgame show this week that the media group would assemble at Hisashi Iwakuma’s locker instead. He only has a year and a half remaining on his contract, after all. How could he possibly want to stay in Seattle?

Yes, it gets old. That is why this New York Times article by Greg Bishop, (formerly of The Seattle Times) is so refreshing. Enjoy. And Happy Felix Day.

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