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Huard: Seahawks players should feel accountability for Bevell, Cable moves

Brock Huard wonders how many Seahawks players are feeling accountability after Wednesday. (AP)

My word of the day for reacting to the news of the Seahawks parting ways with Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable – and potentially Kris Richard – is what I heard from inside the walls of Seahawks headquarters: accountability.

It was the theme of these moves, and it will be woven back into the fabric of the Seahawks as it turns over the roster for 2018.

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Too much freedom and liberty. Too much individual empowerment. Too much slippage of Rule No. 1.

The Seahawks’ next staff members will be empowered and mandated to demand more and hold everyone accountable.

My other spin off of Wednesday is a little personal, and that is the very real responsibility I felt when my college staff was fired at the University of Washington. I played a role in that.

My game slipped my last year of college. My fundamentals fell apart. My ability to elevate and empower younger players wasn’t what it needed to be. While there was dysfunction in the athletic dept and head coach Jim Lambright had his challenges as a CEO, so to speak, I still hate the fact that I wasn’t good enough to win more and help them keep their jobs.

I wonder how many Seahawks players feel the same way. Russ? Doug? Britt? Bobby and KJ? Bennett and Clark? I know I would.