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Should Seahawks and Pete Carroll go separate directions? The Big Lead writer explains why he thinks so

Pete Carroll has coached the Seahawks to two Super Bowls, but is his style wearing thin? (AP)

If it’s not trading Russell Wilson, it’s getting rid of Pete Carroll.

Both topics have picked up steam after the Seahawks’ 42-7 loss to the Rams, and 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny, Dave and Moore took the latter head-on by talking to Ryan Glasspiegel of The Big Lead, who wrote a post Tuesday stating that Seattle would be better off rebuilding without Carroll as its coach.

Salk: Trade Russell Wilson? That’s a bad idea for the Seahawks

“By any metric, Pete Carroll has done an exemplary job as head coach of the Seahawks. … But, his message may have worn thin in Seattle,” Glasspiegel wrote in his piece.

Danny O’Neil, Dave Wyman and Jim Moore let him make his point on the air.

“It’s indisputable that Pete Carroll’s tenure has gone better than really anybody could have envisioned when he got that job from USC,” Glasspiegel said. “(The Seahawks) won a Super Bowl, they almost won another, they had a really electric group of young players on defense and Russell Wilson. But I just think that if you look at the landscape right now, that defense is aging – Michael Bennett’s gonna be 33 next year, Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor are gonna be 30, Earl Thomas is gonna be 29, none of them are the players they were five years ago.

“It looks like the team needs a pretty substantial rebuild and Pete Carroll is 66 years old, and I just wonder if it would be better for both sides, if Carroll – who would be sought-after immediately on the job market right now – got a fresh start somewhere else, and the Seahawks went about rebuilding around Russell Wilson with a different voice.”

Glasspiegel went on to say he believes the attitude that the Seahawks have fed off of under Carroll has reached a point where it is no longer effective, especially on defense. He also had a thought about Carroll’s situation mirroring that of another successful coach who was leading a team into his late 60s.

“I clearly respect what Carroll has accomplished there. I just wonder if it’s a situation like the Giants had with Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning. They won two Super Bowls and they spent the next several years without getting to the playoffs. … I can see some parallels between those two teams.”

By the way, Glasspiegel is an admitted Green Bay Packers fan, but he assured Danny, Dave and Moore that he was being impartial in his take on Carroll and the Seahawks.

“Look, I want the Seahawks to bring Carroll back and I’d love to see them have like a 5-11 season with a lot of meltdowns,” Glasspiegel quipped. “… My opinion based on (being a Packers fan) is that I hope the Seahawks do bring Pete Carroll back because, as I’ve said, I think they’re going to have a valley than I’m not sure that they’ll pull out of in the next year or two.”