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A familiar lineup as the Mariners look to pick up where they left off

By Shannon Drayer

Eric Wedge chuckled last Sunday when he pointed out that he was running the same lineup out for a second straight day. “I mean why wouldn’t I,” he mused, referring to the fact that that lineup had provided a six spot for Felix Hernandez the night before. On Sunday they put up four which was just enough to give the Mariners their 3rd straight win. No surprise we see that lineup today.

Miller 6
Franklin 4
Ibanez 7
Morales DH
Seager 5
Smoak 3
Saunders 9
Zunino 2
Ackley 8

I have heard a lot of complaining on the blog, Twitter and the chat Wednesday about Wedge not having a consistent everyday lineup. Believe me, he would like to have one or something close to it. The most important thing is that it appears he now has a solid top and middle of the lineup. That will change slightly to accommodate matchups, but 1-6 and possibly 7 looks pretty cemented in right now. Not a bad thing.


-A few of you have asked why Ackley has been getting the call over Saunders in center. I think there is little question that Saunders is this team’s best center fielder but they need to find out if it is a position that Ackley can play. Also, Ackley can’t play right so if Saunders was in center they would have to put Ibanez in right, which they would rather not do.

-Stephen Pryor and Franklin Gutierrez have started their rehab assignments with Tacoma. Both are eligible to come off the DL at any time now.

-Jesus Montero returned to Tacoma after getting some games in Arizona and hit a triple. That is his 3rd triple of the year between the big leagues and Tacoma. One other Montero note: Don’t expect to see him behind the plate at all for the remainder of the year. Because of the knee they will limit him to first and DH.

I will have more notes once we have a chance to get into the clubhouse — if we can find the clubhouse. Still trying to figure Houston and Minute Maid Park out and honestly, it is not going well so far!

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