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Pete Carroll
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Seahawks Insider: Seattle takes strides in flag football

Coach Pete Carroll's team has taken strides to tone down the penalties the past two games. (AP)

The Seahawks didn’t just play their most complete game of the season on Sunday against Philadelphia, they played their cleanest game of the year.

That’s not exactly what you’d call a coincidence.

“Are you saying we didn’t have very many penalties tonight?” asked coach Pete Carroll.

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Yes, coach. That’s exactly what we’re saying. Not only did the Seahawks not turn the ball over, but they were flagged five times, a season-low.

“That’s a huge turn for us,” Carroll said. “The last two weeks is a big change.”

The Seahawks were penalized six times for 35 yards the week before against San Francisco.

Now let’s not go saying the Seahawks are a model of law-abiding behavior.

The Seahawks have been flagged 114 times this season, most of any team in the league. But they are getting significantly better. In the first 10 games, the Seahawks were called for an average of 10.2 penalties, which cost the team an average of 89.2 yards. In the past two games, they’ve been flagged for an average of 5.5 penalties for 37.5 yards.

“It will absolutely make a difference in the finish rush to this fourth quarter of the season coming up if we can continue to do that,” Carroll said.