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Shaquill Griffin
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Seahawks Insider: Shaquill Griffin will need to have a short memory

Shaquill Griffin gave up a 38-yard completion toward the end of Sunday's loss to Washington. (AP)

Cornerbacks are required to have short memories.

And while rookie Shaquill Griffin isn’t likely to forget the 38-yard completion he allowed in the final 2 minutes of Sunday’s loss to Washington, he also can’t allow that play to hang over his preparation for this week’s game against Arizona.

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So far, Griffin hasn’t, said defensive coordinator Kris Richard.

“This kid’s a stud,” Richard said. “He’s a stud, and he’s prepared to get back out there and keep competing, and there isn’t much that has fazed this guy throughout the time he has been here. He has been poised and he has been confidence, and he’s exactly the way you want a corner to be.”

The lesson from that play?

“Stay on top,” coach Pete Carroll said.

That was the exact instruction from Carroll before Washington’s final possession, and something that Carroll repeated Monday when asked about the teaching point for Griffin.

The Seahawks took an aggressive approach on Washington’s final possession, throwing pressure at quarterback Kirk Cousins and leaving the cornerbacks isolated on the outside.

Griffin played press coverage on Josh Doctson – a former first-round pick. Griffin executed that part of the play well. The problem came later.

“Shaq was in good position until about the 30-yard mark,” Carroll said, “and there was a little bit of separation that occurred. A little bit of separation that happens sometimes, and the guy made a great catch on a great throw. Both of those exquisite throws and catches, and sometimes that will beat it.”