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What will the Seahawks do with Jeremy Lane?

Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane finds himself back in Seattle following a failed physical. (AP)

In the midst of one of the busiest NFL trade deadlines on record, the Seahawks and Texans agreed to a deal that would send left tackle Duane Brown to Seattle in exchange for cornerback Jeremy Lane and draft picks. Just 24 hours later, though, a report indicated Lane failed his physical.

The Texans agreed to amend the trade, rather than nullify it, still allowing Seattle to acquire Brown. But what do the Seahawks do now with Lane?

Salk: Seahawks look to get back to their identity with Duane Brown

John Clayton joined Mike Salk and Gee Scott on 710 ESPN Seattle on Wednesday morning to discuss that topic, saying that since Seattle will owe Lane part of a guaranteed contract whether they keep him or cut him, there is no need to let the veteran cornerback loose.

“I think they’re OK under the (salary) cap,” Clayton said. “Obviously, the $2.1 million that it’s going to cost for Lane the rest of the season, they may be able to fit in with the $4 million that they freed up with the (recently amended) Russell Wilson deal. So, I think they’re OK there, but they’re certainly going to be tight against the cap. He’s making $4 million this year and he’s got a guaranteed contract, so you either want to keep him – which of course they will – or if you let him go you’re still paying him, so I think they’ll take him and keep him as their fourth cornerback.”

But that move puts the roster at 54, which means a cut needs to happen somewhere. Clayton expects the move to come on the offensive line.

“Probably Isaiah Battle, one of the inactive guys, because they have 11 offensive linemen,” Clayton said.

(Update 2:05 p.m.: The Seahawks did waive Battle to make room for Brown on the roster.)

Clayton won’t rule out Seattle attempting another trade with Lane after the season. And while they ultimately lost another mid- to high-round draft pick, he doesn’t think the Seahawks are too concerned about Lane failing his physical right now.

“They’re not worried about next year, they’re worried about this year. They feel good about the fact that they got Duane Brown, a guy that they hope can solidify things on the left side of the line, and so you move on from there and try to feel good about it.”