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Tanner McEvoy
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Seahawks Spotlight: Tanner Macklemore McEvoy

Seahawks WR Tanner McEvoy was featured in the Seahawks Spotlight on Danny, Dave and Moore.
LISTEN: Seahawks Spotlight, Tanner McEvoy, Oct. 31, 2017

RENTON – Tanner Macklemore McEvoy was part of the single most entertaining thing I have witnessed in 13 years covering the Seattle Seahawks.

“You think so?” Macklemore McEvoy asked when informed of this fact. “I think there were a lot of entertaining things (Sunday).”

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Sunday? This isn’t about Sunday, Tanner. Yeah, that was awesome and everything how there were four lead changes in the fourth quarter. And McEvoy’s 53-yard catch was part of the offensive explosion that helped Seattle win despite the fact the Texans scored 38 points.

But Macklemore McEvoy was a central figure in Thursday’s techno party at Seahawks practice, which included a prop, four dancing players who were air-fluting and then McEvoy, who perfectly executed his role as the snake who was being charmed by the infectious — and electronic — sound of “Flute” by New World Sound and Thomas Newson. The fact that McEvoy’s jersey had been altered to read “Macklemore” on the back, a prank at the behest of teammate Luke Willson, simply added one more wrinkle to a moment from Thursday’s practice that was captured on film and released for all of the world to enjoy.

“It wasn’t too coordinated, either, really,” McEvoy said. “It was kind of just before practice we had an idea of what we were going to do just to spice things up. It kind of took off.”

Heck yeah it did. The execution was absolutely perfect, and as McEvoy explained during his interview, it wasn’t an accident that the song and dance occurred during the special-teams portion of the Seahawks practice.

And as impressive as McEvoy’s catch was in the game on Sunday, the better feat of athleticism might have been him performing the most literal box jump ever as he hopped into a cardboard, wardrobe box.

“I don’t get enough credit for that I think,” McEvoy said. “I think.”

It was even tougher getting out.

“The cleats were stuck in the bottom,” McEvoy said. “Because it’s cardboard so I was through the bottom. So when I jumped out I had to give it all I got. It was kind of jumping out of pool.”

McEvoy is in his second season with the Seahawks, a special-teams mainstay who is getting opportunities at wide receiver as well, and his interview touched on everything from the mood in the locker room after Seattle’s fourth consecutive victory to the reason behind the Macklemore prank.