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Is Russell Wilson the biggest reason Seahawks are consistent contenders?

Russell Wilson had three touchdown passes, and could have had five, against New York. (AP)
LISTEN: Is Russell Wilson the biggest reason for the Seahawks consistency?

The Seahawks’ 24-7 win over the Giants was perhaps the best performance of the season so far from Russell Wilson, who finished 27 of 39 for 334 yards and three touchdowns. In fact, he may have had five TDs if not for a drop by Jimmy Graham in the end zone and a touchdown negated by a pass interference call on Tyler Lockett.

Stelton: Seahawks aren’t a running team, but it’s fine if they keep winning

It was a second-half rally that proved, once again, why the Seahawks have remained a consistent playoff contender. But is Wilson the biggest reason for the Seahawks’ consistency? He’s certainly made mistakes this season; completing, for instance, just over 50 percent of his passes and posting a 69.7 rating against the Packers. But his ability to remain composed and orchestrate late rallies remains two of his most highly-touted qualities – something that is even more important for the Seahawks as they work to develop a consistent ground game.

It’s also why Dave Grosby and Tom Wassell of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob, Groz and Tom agree that Wilson is most responsible for the team always being in the playoff hunt. Co-host Bob Stelton disagreed, which posed an interesting question – what’s more important to a team’s success: an elite quarterback or a league-leading defense?

“I don’t think any one player is more important to their success than Russell Wilson,” Grosby said. “It’s not a pie of blame, it’s a pie of credit. I would give Russell Wilson the biggest piece.”

“If the quarterback play is inconsistent, I think you’re in trouble,” Wassell said. “And that’s the reason why the Seahawks are never out of a game and never out a playoff race, either, because of his play.”

Stelton, meanwhile, argued that Seattle’s Pro Bowl-caliber defense is what has kept them in games, and points out that there are teams around the league this year that have found success without a top-10 quarterback.

Listen to the clip above to hear the entire debate.