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Neiko Thorpe
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Seahawks Spotlight: Neiko Thorpe

Neiko Thorpe featured in the Seahawks Spotlight, a daily interview segment that airs at 5 p.m. on "Danny, Dave and Moore."

Who wears short shorts?

Neiko Thorpe wears short shorts. At least he did for Thursday’s practice along with tight end Luke Willson. And Nick Vannett. And offensive lineman Jordan Roos. And defensive lineman Frank Clark. And even quarterback Russell Wilson.

“It all started with the ‘Techno Thursdays,’ ” Thorpe said during the Seahawks Spotlight on “Danny, Dave and Moore.”

The Seahawks have played music during practice going back to Pete Carroll’s arrival in 2010 with a playlist that is heavily tilted toward hip-hop. This season, Willson and Vannett have made techno or house music a staple of the Thursday workouts.

Wearing tighter-than-normal shorts has been the most recent addition though the exact connection between short shorts and techno music remains unclear. On Thursday, the list of full participants in ‘Techno Thursday’ included Thorpe, who also happens to be one of the very best special-teams players on Seattle’s roster.

In fact, special teams coach Brian Schneider considers Thorpe one of the very best gunners in the league, lining up outside when Seattle punts and often paired up against a pair of opponents in what is referred to as the vise.

“Respect,” Thorpe said of the double team.

It’s a challenge he embraces.

“It is a tough job,” he said, “but at the same time, you want that tough job. You don’t want to be the guy – if there are two gunners – they’re singling you because that says a lot. I want to be the guy getting doubled. I want you all to know that I’m a threat.”

That’s on Sundays, though. On Thursdays, he’s become part of what Willson is calling a movement that is rooted in techno.

“At first, I wasn’t a big fan,” Thorpe said. “But they kept playing it and you know the music keeps us going already. Now, I’ve kind of bought into it, and I even asked them to make me a mixed tape.”

Wait a minute. Thorpe is going to ask Vannett for musical guidance?

“I asked Luke,” Thorpe said. “But Vannett he’s got some of those nice moves out there. At first, I didn’t know how to dance to it, but I found out you can’t be wrong.

“I’m a fan of it now, but I do not know any song names or even artists. So I don’t know any of the producers. I’ve got to figure out, do my studying.”

Seattle better be prepared, too. Any time a tight end scores a touchdown for the Seahawks keep an eye on the end zone for when he summons teammates for an impromptu dance party. Thorpe is certainly going to be watching.

“When they score, I’m going to be in that huddle,” he said. “I’m coming off the sideline, and you’re going to see my best fist pumps.”