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5 ways to rep your inner 12 this season

SPONSORED — This time of year might be all about the orange and black, but in the Pacific Northwest, your mind is probably on the blue and green. With football season in full force, you’re ready to show your team spirit — or maybe even fanaticism. Not sure how to show your pride? Getting in the spirit (and on the bandwagon) is easier than you think.

Sport a jersey

You’re a fan, but are you a fanatic? Real fans don’t just watch the games, they sport their favorite players on their backs too. But if you’re still wearing Matt Hasselbeck’s number, it’s time to renew your pride. Rep The Squad offers the perfect solution. For a low monthly rate, you get crisp, clean jerseys shipped to you to wear until you decide to rep a new player.

“You can rep Wilson or Sherman one week and throwbacks like Largent or Jones the next,” said Gee Scott of 710 ESPN Seattle. “It’s like Netflix for jerseys. Choose from home, away, wolf grey and color rush jersey styles to change your look. Start your online digital locker to rank your preferred styles and players.”

Be sure to use the code 710ESPN to get 50% off your first month.

Get in on Blue Friday

Forget Black Friday. This time of year, the only color you should be seeing on everyone’s favorite weekday is blue. From now through the end of January (and hopefully on to Super Bowl weekend), you can show your spirit along with the area’s other 12’s (and they are legion). Blue Friday has been a Seattle tradition for the last several years, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to get in on the action. Grab a T-shirt, hoodie or jersey and show the Pacific Northwest where your loyalty resides.

Keep it current

Are you still wearing that navy and lime jersey from that player who’s now playing for the black and silver? Sure, spending $70 on a jersey might seem like a small price to pay for fandom, but when your chosen player gets traded, you’re left looking like you’re stuck in the past. No one knows what the future holds, so save your cash and invest in jerseys that will never become irrelevant. Rep The Squad’s jersey rental program does exactly that — ensuring that you rep only the brightest and best season after season.

Got a growing 12th fan? Let your kids rep their favorite players and styles all season long. With Rep the Squad’s subscription service you never have to tell your little one “you’ll grow into it” – just swap your size as easily you do your favorite player.

Tailgate in style

No tickets to the big game? Even if you’ll be watching on TV, there’s no reason to miss out on some serious, 12-style tailgating. Hawk Alley is the premier destination for pregame food and fun. On any other day, Utah Avenue is just Utah Avenue. But on game day, the quiet street just a few blocks from CenturyLink it becomes Hawk Alley, filled with cars, trucks, RVs and blue-and-green jerseys as far as the eye can see. Gather under the 12th Man flag, connect with fellow fans and show your pride in Hawk Alley when game day comes around again.

Fly your flag

You may be a 12 at heart, but if your neighbors don’t know it, what’s the point? If you haven’t raised your 12 flag yet this year, it’s time to fly that banner like it’s meant to fly. Whether it’s gracing your front porch or your car’s back window, don’t let another season go by without your neighbors, friends and fellow drivers know which team holds your loyalty.