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Mariners manager Scott Servais on Cano, Seager and Felix

Scott Servais talked to Brock and Salk about the Mariners' 2017 season. (AP)
LISTEN: Mariners manager Scott Servais on the 2017 season

Mariners manager Scott Servais joined Brock and Salk on Thursday morning to talk about the 2017 season and what to expect from the offseason. You can listen to the entire interview embedded above or at this link. Here are a few highlights.

• Servais shared a little bit of how his exit interview conversation for the season with All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano went. “Robbie is an unbelievable talent,” Servais said. “I think understanding where he’s at in his career, and as he continues to mature as a player, get a little older, you’ve got to continue to change your training regimen.” Cano, who will turn 35 later this month, finished the year with a .280 average, 23 home runs, 33 doubles, 97 RBIs, 79 runs scored and a .791 OPS in 150 games.

• After a career year in 2016, third baseman Kyle Seager regressed this year, finishing with a career-low .249 batting average. “Kyle was disappointed in his season,” Servais said of Seager, who did hit 27 home runs and 88 RBIs. “You look up at his end-of-the-year numbers, the power numbers are there and he did drive in runs. He had streaks like we’ve seen out of him in the past; it just wasn’t that extended month-long streak where he can really carry a ball club. Kyle is very, very competitive. He desperately wants to win and be a part of the winning nucleus here.”

• Felix Hernandez’s offseason preparation will look a little bit different to combat the shoulder bursitis issue that landed him on the disabled list twice this year. “He’s going to really focus on getting his shoulder into the best shape he can, trying to get that as strong as he can,” Servais said. “As the clock ticks up in years for him pitching and the innings mount, you’ve got to do more.”

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