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Mariners weekly insider podcast: Hitting the road

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By Shannon Drayer

This week on the podcast I give you a little look on the challenges of travel and what the Mariners are trying to do to overcome them. I also sit down with Felix Hernandez and find out why he recently changed up his game plan and ask his thoughts on all of a sudden seeing his fastball start to hit 95 again. We also hear some interesting words from Robinson Cano before his first Mariners press conference that may give you some insight into his expectations for this team.

With the MLB draft just around the corner, scouting director Tom McNamara takes us back to 2009 and talks about what they saw in a young James Jones, who at the time was being scouted by most as a pitcher. We also hear from Lloyd McClendon on why it is important not to rush Taijuan Walker in his return and then hear from Walker himself about still being rusty.

Finally, a look back at Education Day. Who was nervous about facing hundreds of elementary school students, who took over the band room and what inspired Charlie Furbush to lay down a challenge for a teammate.

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Mariners Pitching Matchup

Tue, Sep 27 @ 5:00 pm
Felix Hernandez, RHP
Mike Fiers, RHP


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