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Wyman’s Football 101: The case Tanner McEvoy built to make Seahawks roster

The Seahawks raised eyebrows in their fan base when they waived hometown favorite Kasen Williams when they cut down to a 53-man roster last Saturday. But as Dave Wyman points out, Tanner McEvoy gave Seattle plenty of reasons to keep him ahead of Williams in its corps of wide receivers.

Wyman’s Football 101: Diagnosing play-action with Seahawks LB

A route that McEvoy ran to make a touchdown catch in the Seahawks’ third game of the preseason is one of those reasons, which Wyman breaks down in this week’s edition of Football 101. But that’s not all that he shares.

Wyman took it upon himself to get a hold of Seahawks broadcaster Warren Moon to get his thoughts on McEvoy, and Moon had some insight you might expect from a Hall of Fame quarterback. Check out the video above to find out yourself.