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Zduriencik on Morales, Taylor and more moves

By Shannon Drayer

Jack Zduriencik touched on a number of topics in a conference call with the media this afternoon. With pre game duties looming I will give you some quick quotes.

On believing that a lack of spring training has had a big impact on the numbers Kendrys Morales has put up so far.

“I don’t think there is any question about that. I thought that it was interesting he went right to the big leagues, but that might have been a part of the negotiations. Nevertheless, when you look at where he is now, we know what Kendrys is as a career hitter, we know what he has been here. We think now he is in a pennant race, I think he has got technically spring training under his belt. Unfortunately he had to do it at the big league level. I think we all feel Kendrys is going to hit is stride and be the Kendrys Morales we all know.”

On how the deal came down.

“This heated up about a month ago. I talked with Terry Ryan and let him know we would be looking for an offensive piece, if they fell out of the race would any of his players be available? You do that with all GMs, you get the ball rolling so if there comes time for them to move a player. I called him the other day and said we would have interest and he called back and we came to an agreement.”

Is he still in active talks for another bat or is this the move?

“It’s a move right now. You never know what is going to happen. I have got to thank ownership for allowing us to do this. They have said all along if we get a chance where we think we are in it, then we are going to give you the resources, in this particular case they stepped up and this was great. I really, really appreciate it, we all appreciate it. My hat is off to them. I don’t know what else will happen, we will continue conversations. Everybody has a budget that they have to work within and I think what they have done is, we want to stay in this thing and we want to be in the playoffs. We will see what happens. I do have discussions with other clubs about a lot of different things. Who knows what’s around the corner. I don’t have that answer right now.”

What does this mean for Corey Hart?

“We’ll see. I won’t make a promise to anybody. I think what this does is not about Corey Hart, it is about adding a bat to your lineup. You can say that about any position on the field. Hey, you got to produce, everybody has to produce and if you produce you are going to play. I think what this move does is it gives our manager more options, especially a switch hitter. that’s a big plus for this move.”

On what adding Chris Taylor means for Brad Miller

“I think you really have to tip your hat to this kid. he did a very nice job in spring training. We think he has a chance to be a part of this thing for the long term and I think he gives us a window right now to watch him in the big league setting under own eyes. he’s earned the right to be here.

Competitiveness is completeness. Players are going to go out an compete. I think the fact that he is right-handed really, really was a factor in this decision and again, he was producing really, really well in AAA. We’ll see. Hey let the best man win. Just go out and play and be a contributor and we hope that happens with all 25 players.”

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