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Video: Brock Huard (sort of) makes a cameo in a new Russell Wilson ad

710 ESPN Seattle’s Brock Huard makes a cameo in a new video ad featuring Russell Wilson. Well, his voice does.

Wilson tweeted the video Tuesday. It’s for a local car dealership, one of many companies the Seahawks quarterback endorses. It shows him driving a sleek Mercedes through Seattle on the Viaduct while listening to the radio as pundits criticize him. The theme of the ad is that Wilson is drawing fuel from doubters (get it – cars, fuel, motivation?)

Wilson appears to turns up the volume when he hears an out-of-context clip of Huard talking about unprecedented it is for quarterbacks under 5 feet 11 to succeed in the NFL.

Huard and Mike Salk had some fun discussing the ad on Wednesday’s show. You can hear that at the 37:15 mark of this podcast.