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Scott Servais, Robinson Cano
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Scott Servais calls out Danny O’Neil for ‘obnoxious’ heckling at Fenway Park

Danny O'Neil made himself heard during Sunday's M's game at Fenway Park. (Danny O'Neil)
LISTEN: Scott Servais calls out Danny O’Neil for 'obnoxious' heckling at Fenway Park

Mariners manager Scott Servais heard an M’s fan cheering and heckling loudly during one of the team’s games in Boston over the weekend.

He eventually realized it was 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny O’Neil.

Danny went to Sunday’s game at Fenway Park along with his wife, who’s completing her graduate program in Boston. They scored seats close to the Mariners’ dugout.

Servais told “Brock and Salk” on Thursday that Danny made himself heard.

“He was sitting about four seats down from me,” Servais said. “In Fenway, the fans are very close and I happened to notice there was a fan there cheering very loudly for everything we did throughout the course of the game. And I said, ‘That’s great, they’re showing up everywhere.’ Mariners fans, they come out strong. I happened to take a double-check and I was like, I know that guy. Then as the game wore on, I’m like, geez, that guy doesn’t shut up. And then it kept going and he was all over the Boston pitcher and I’m like, oh my God, that’s obnoxious. Those are the kind of guys that just drive me crazy.

“I’m like, well, he’s got a Mariners hat on. We’ll hang with him.”

Danny acknowledged his heckling tactics while filling in on KIRO Radio’s Tom and Curley Show Thursday.

“I heckled. I did two things that drew public attention, only one of which I’m kind of embarrassed for,” he said. “The first part was a Red Sox pitcher came into the game. He had long hair, and the best way to describe him was it looked like he had roadkill or a pelt out of his hat. And his hair was in braids! So I proceeded to shout as often as I could that: Heath Hembree had lost a bet; Heath Hembree had a bad weave; Heath Hembree looked like a sorority girl on spring break in the Bahamas.

“And then at one point, the usher goes, ‘Sir! Shh!’”

That wasn’t Danny’s only faux pas at the game. In the seventh inning, he and his wife started cheering wildly over a fly ball hit by Kyle Seager to center field. It landed in the glove of Jackie Bradley. Robinson Cano later told 710 ESPN Seattle that he heard Danny’s cheer, and joked that it was “terrible” and “embarrassing.” Danny said he caught Cano’s eye afterward.

“I thought it was gone and I’m really being super obnoxious at that point because the Mariners were already up three runs,” Danny explained. “I’m watching the outfielder and it looks like he’s given up on it and is just looking up. I thought Kyle had just crushed it. I see Nelson Cruz jogging around third, thinking he’s just going home. But it was because it was the third out of the inning, so it was done. My wife and I slapped high fives and I saw Robinson Cano look over at me and then (Mitch) Haniger did, and the guys behind me were like, ‘Way to celebrate the out, idiot.'”