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Salk: Signing Colin Kaepernick as backup QB should be a ‘no-brainer’ for the Seahawks

Mike Salk sees only good things that could come if the Seahawks end up signing Colin Kaepernick to be their backup quarterback.

A day after Pete Carroll told “Brock and Salk” that Seattle is “looking at everybody” who could back up Russell Wilson – including Kaepernick – Salk said he’d be completely on board with the Seahawks adding the player who led their chief rival, the San Francisco 49ers, during their epic battles from 2012 through 2014.

Seahawks’ Michael Bennett: Seattle is ‘perfect place’ for Kaepernick

“I think this is a no-brainer, 100 percent yes, bring in Colin Kaepernick,” Salk said, adding that he sees an incentive to signing him besides what he can do on the field. “The idea of taking the spoils from your vanquished enemies is half the fun of dominating a rivalry. … That’s the best part of this thing. You declare utter victory (over the 49ers). ‘Oh yeah, remember your quarterback in the rivalry? Yeah, he’s our backup. Cool.’ That’s ultimate victory to me and that’s half the reason to get this done.”

Watch Salk and co-host Brock Huard weigh what the pros and cons would be of bringing in Kaepernick in the video above.