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Should Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon be drafted with an early-round pick?

Oklahoma's Joe Mixon was seen on tape punching a woman in the face in 2014. (AP)
LISTEN: Should a NFL team draft Joe Mixon in one of the early rounds?

Among the questions during Thursday’s edition of “Blue 42” was one that many NFL teams have surely discussed leading up to next week’s draft: Should former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon be taken with an early pick?

If it were only a matter of talent, he would be. But Mixon’s situation is complicated by his off-the-field history, which includes a video showing him punching a woman in the face – reportedly breaking her jaw and cheekbone – after she shoved him during a 2014 altercation.

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Brock Huard and Mike Salk discussed how Mixon’s ugly incident should impact his draft position in the eyes of a running-back-needy team that might consider him.

They also discussed another draft question: Is there a quarterback prospect this year who could significantly impact the NFC West if one of the other teams in the division takes him?

The segment is embedded in the picture atop this post. You can also hear it through this link.