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Sports Apocalypse Staff

Should you be worried that today could be your last day on earth? Forget about 2012, one Christain man claims the earth will end, May 21st.

During Friday’s Kevin Calabro show, Kevin and co-host Jim Moore had some fun with it by inviting listeners to text in their best “Sports Apocalypse’s” that signify how the end of the world is near.

Here is what you the listeners, along with Kevin and co-host Jim Moore came up with:

-The Mariners win on a dropped ball by Torii Hunter, who two innings earlier, made the play of the year

-The Senate votes down the stadium tax in Seattle

-The Mariners actually contend for the division

-ESPN tells all in a new book coming out

-Jack Cust hits a home run tonight or on any night for that matter

-Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith secretly get married in Vermont

-Milton Bradley becomes a youth minister

-Charlie Whitehurst cuts his hair and shaves his beard

-Eric Wedge shaves his mustache

-Jim Moore tattoos a Husky logo on his right butt cheek

-Pete Carroll will hold a press confrence tomorrow stating that his book “Win Forever” is a bunch of B.S.

-Chone Figgins will magically become a likeable human being

-TJ Houshmandzadeh will actually shut up

-Kevin Calabro will willingly call Oklahoma City Thunder games

-Milton Bradley becomes your milk delivery man

-Al Davis finally retires

-Cubs win the World Series

-Danny Fortson is elected mayor of Seattle

-Thunder win the NBA Championship and apologize about it

Even if just a few of these things happen, we better start preparing for the worst.