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What’s wrong with Washington’s Keith Price?


By Brady Henderson

Steve Sarkisian made it clear on Monday that he isn’t thinking about benching Keith Price, calling that possibility “a crazy thought.”

But the fact that Price’s status as the starter was even a question speaks to how much the junior quarterback has struggled in 2012 compared to his breakout sophomore season.

Price set Washington single-season records in 2011 with 33 touchdown passes and a 66.9 percent completion rate, but he’s thrown only eight touchdown passes through seven games this season while completing just over 60 percent of his passes.

Price’s season-long slump continued Saturday when he threw two interceptions and fumbled once. That brought his interception total to eight, three shy of his total for all of last season.

One quote from Sarkisian had Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby wondering about the root of Price’s struggles.

“My goal is that he believes in me and in my ability to prepare him, to put together a game plan and to call plays that he can execute and execute at a high level. And if they don’t work, I’ll be the first to tell him that, ‘Hey, Keith, that’s my fault,'” Sarkisian said. “I just want him to believe in me as much as he’s believing in himself.”

You can listen to Tuesday’s podcast here.