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New Media: The Real Rob Report

By Liz Mathews

Fullback Michael Robinson was the first player back to the locker room last Saturday night after the Seahawks’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings. In seconds, he was out out of one uniform and into another. From running back to reporter, Robinson now had a job to do.

“Justin, why didn’t you follow your fullback to the goal line?” asked Robinson of teammate Justin Forsett, regarding a specific play the offense had run in the game that night.

“I think the goal line, well maybe we were looking at two different things,” replied Forsett.

To say the least.

Robinson now has a different goal in mind. His mission is to become the first player in the history of the National Football League to cover a team … while on a team.

“The Real Robinson Report, it’s a sports show – by athletes, for everyone,” Robinson said. “It’s something I had an idea about doing my rookie year. I’m trying to expand it, have it grow. The Seahawks have been doing a great job helping me out and giving us access and things like that.

“The real media. I want to be the first current player that’s actually reporting news also.”

According to his website, “‘The Real Robinson Report’ is a sports show delivered by pro athletes just for the fans. Mike takes the viewers for an exclusive look behind the scenes and into the real world of sports and entertainment.”

So just how far will Robinson take his new role as reporter?

He’s hoping to have his own desk and join the rest of the reporters in the media room at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. After practices, that is.

“Absolutely,” said Robinson. “Why not? I’ve done that before. Why not?”

Seriously, why not?

He clearly has the education. In December of 2004, Robinson earned a Bachelor of Arts in advertising/public relations from Penn State University. He earned a second degree in journalism the following year.

He also has the experience. Robinson has interviewed – exclusively interviewed – everyone from Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb to Cardinals running back Beanie Wells. One glance at the video page on his website and you can tell that Robinson logged impressive hours during the lockout sharpening his skills as a journalist.

But most importantly, Robinson has the access that rest of the media only dream about. He is at all the team meetings. He flies on the team plane and fraternizes with the players. He even has a copy of the playbook. But Robinson understands the fine line between covering a team and revealing its secrets.

He’s as close to the game as you can possibly get without actually playing in it.

And he does that too.

Be sure to follow Mike Robinson and his Real Robinson Report on Twitter @RealRobReport.