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What Matt Hasselbeck would do as a general manager

By Brady Henderson

For years, Matt Hasselbeck heard all the talk about the uncertain future of the Seahawks’ quarterback situation.

Had he been the team’s general manager, they might have addressed that uncertainty via the draft. Numerous times.

Hasselbeck, a guest Friday on “Brock and Salk,” said he would draft a quarterback “every single year, whether you need one or not” if he was running an NFL team.

“That was the Green Bay, Ron Wolfe model — draft a quarterback every year. The year I got to Green Bay, I don’t know how many quarterbacks there where there at my first minicamp,” Hasselbeck said before listing several of the quarterbacks that he could remember. “They drafted someone the year after me, the next year, the next year. I just would invest in the position.

Hasselbeck said he has noticed that teams now seem less likely to draft a quarterback with a late-round pick and develop him over time. They instead try to “hit a home run” on a quarterback by taking one in the first round or giving up significant resources to acquire one in a trade.

“That’s my own personally philosophy,” he said. “I’m probably biased because I was a sixth-round pick that the Packers took a chance on. I don’t know if anybody else would have taken the chance. But I’ve just seen time and time again good, solid quarterbacks — whether it be Tom Brady or just guys that are drafted in late rounds …”

Brock and Salk share their thoughts on that philosophy in Friday’s Wrap Up video.

You can download Friday’s podcast here.