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No reason Peyton Manning couldn’t run this offense

By staff

Eleven years ago, Matt Hasselbeck joined the Seahawks and thrived in the same West Coast offense he learned in Green Bay.

Last season, Kevin Kolb and Sam Bradford struggled under new systems.

Those were among the examples ESPN NFL analyst Tim Hasselbeck cited when making the point that the offense a quarterback runs is a major factor in his success.

“There is no question that there are some players that could be good in multiple systems,” Hasselbeck told “Bob and Groz” on Friday. “But from my perspective, having seen guys succeed in one system and fail in another, I would be very cautious about taking a quarterback and playing him in different system.”

Bob and Groz don’t think that would apply to Peyton Manning, and they exlpain why in the video below.

You can download Friday’s podcast here.

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